Insider Roundup for Week Ending January 29, 2017

During the week of January 23 to January 29, 2017 there were 2,014 Form 4 filings recorded by the SEC. These filings represented 1,781 insiders and reflected 551 companies. Breaking down these transactions there were approximately 32,150,667 discretionary share sales; 5,469,892 discretionary share tax sales; 33,400,734 share award transactions; 77,072,443 shares related to options and derivative security transactions; and 33,462,120 discretionary share purchases.

These transactions have an approximate net market value of $2,183,737,278 and reflect activity involving approximately 151,935,870 shares. Shares acquired as a part of these aforementioned transactions, where “acquisition” is defined as retaining shares received from an award or through conversions, net of tax sales, and discretionary purchases, were approximately 108,575,981 shares. Shares disposed were approximately 70,089,270 and included shares awarded and then sold as part of a single filing, and like transactions for options and derivative securities and non-tax related discretionary sales.

Transactions by Market Value

Included in the reported individual transactions were 1,174 that represented less than $100,000 in market value, while there were 651 with a market value in excess of $100,000 and of these, 189 were filings that represented over $1 million in market value. Companies with aggregate market value transactions of over $1 million numbered 107, and within these companies there were 175 individual insiders surpassing the high value threshold.

Notable Industry Groups

The two industry groups with the largest number of acquired shares were Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts and Deep Sea Freight. Insiders within these groups acquired 16,766,401 shares and 12,693,334 shares respectively. The two groups with the largest dispositions by insiders were the Food Processing industry group where insiders disposed of 12,572,035 shares followed by the Banks industry group where insiders disposed of 11,311,653 shares.

Using proprietary artificial intelligence methods, UpTick evaluates corporate insider filings reported to the SEC and creates real-time news and analysis to report the most significant insider transactions based on transaction type, size and historical trends. For more information, contact UpTick at

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