Which Companies have the Most Active Insiders?

Ever wonder which companies have the most insider transactions?  While monitoring UpTick’s Insider News feed and selecting stories for our daily blog post,  I see a lot of transactions.  But after a while, you start to see some companies a lot more frequently than others.  I thought it might be interesting to visualize this in a word cloud.

To do this, I queried our database since the beginning of the year and counted up the number of times UpTick published a story based on a Form 4 Insider Filing sourced from the SEC’s EDGAR site (www.sec.gov) using our NLG technology.  This includes both purchases and sales but limited to transaction values of at least $25,000.  Using these data, I produced the following word cloud using the company’s ticker symbol as the word.  (For companies such as Wayfair which have a single letter ticker symbol and don’t register as a word, I substituted the company name.)

Most Active Insider Companies


Here are the top 10 companies with the number of Form 4 Filing stories from January 1, 2017 to June 16, 2017*:

  1. CRM Salesforce.com – 190
  2. W Wayfair Inc. – 121
  3. FCB Financial Holdings Inc. – 114
  4. ZION Zions Bancorp – 88
  5. FB Facebook Inc. – 87
  6. OPK Opko Health Inc. – 82
  7. CTSH Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp – 72
  8. BSX Boston Scientific Corporation – 71
  9. GOOG Alphabet Inc. – 65
  10. ALKS Alkermes Plc -63

If you are interested in creating a similar word cloud using Python, check out https://github.com/amueller/word_cloud.

*Minimum transaction size of $25,000


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