Significant Transactions for Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Today, insiders filed 302 Form 4 reports with the SEC. These transactions reflected activity in 144 companies and came from 294 insiders. Individual filings where there was more than $1 million in market value represented, occurred in 33 filings. There were 14 companies with aggregated total market value transactions that exceeded the high value threshold and within these companies were 26 individual insiders with transactions that were greater than $1 million.

The S&P 500 index had 26 companies reporting insider trades involving 83 individual filers. This activity was significantly lower than the average for the last month and near that of past week. This activity reflected high value transactions with approximately $13,747,906 in market value, included 13 individual filers from 3 companies, and came from discretionary purchases of 48,000 shares and discretionary sales of 77,293 shares.

Accenture (ACN) Insiders Make Significant Share Sales Extending the Trend of Last Quarter

There was a notable level of insider selling reported today in filings with the SEC for Accenture. Eleven insiders listed below, sold 80,493 shares in the company for approximately $9,900,647. There have been 6 insiders with buy/sell transactions in the past 90 days prior to these filings. All of these trades have been sales resulting in the sale of 55,543 company shares. Adding the most recent activity to this 90-day history indicates insider trades have seen net sales of 136,036 shares and have averaged 8,002 shares per transaction over this time period.

Today’s Insider Activity
* Alexander M van’t Noordende, Officer, sold 6,525 shares
* Gianfranco Casati, Officer, sold 6,836 shares
* Pierre Nanterme, Director and Officer, sold 40,134 shares
* Johan Deblaere, Officer, sold 5,000 shares
* Julie Spellman Sweet, Officer, sold 5,322 shares
* Richard Lumb, Officer, sold 2,200 shares
* Jean-Marc Ollagnier, Officer, sold 2,011 shares
* Robert E Sell, Officer, sold 3,000 shares
* David Rowland, Officer, sold 4,065 shares
* Ellyn Shook, Officer, sold 2,200 shares
* Chad T Jerdee, Officer, sold 3,200 shares

Another 13 companies had significant insider transactions based on UpTick Data Technologies’ analysis. Using proprietary artificial intelligence methods, UpTick evaluates corporate insider filings reported to the SEC and creates real-time news and analysis to report the most significant insider transactions based on transaction type, size and historical trends. For more information, contact UpTick at

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