Significant Insider Selling in Shares of Copart

Monday, October 02, 2017 10:15 PM ET

Significant Insider Selling in Shares of Copart

One Copart insider — Vincent W Mitz, Director and Officer — today, disposed of 200,000 shares having a market value of approximately $6,864,360, as indicated in a form 4 document filed with the SEC. This is the first insider buy/sell trade in the past 90 days.

The number of buy-sell trades for Copart is close to that of the 4 member peer company average. The Used Car Dealers peer group saw 5 buy/sell trades during this period for an average of 1.3 transactions per company. However, the number of shares per buy/sell trade transacted by Copart insiders is higher. Within the peer group there were 60,526 shares purchased and 0 shares sold with company insiders acquiring 60,526 shares on average.

For the purpose of evaluating significant insider buying and selling all trades reported to the SEC that involve awards, options, exercise of derivative securities, company buy-backs, taxes, gifts, shares acquired via inheritance and tenders or exchange offers have been eliminated in data used to compose and write this story.

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